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360° Visualizations

Nahajowski Studio is a design firm offering comprehensive services in creating photorealistic 360-degree visualizations, 3D walks, and projects in virtual reality. This allows clients to fully engage with the project, immersing themselves in virtual reality and experiencing the sensations of interacting with the space. Our visualizations enable a realistic presentation of designed objects, and our tools allow complete user interaction with the project. Our services cover visualizations for both interiors and external spaces, including buildings, landscapes, and products. Our team creates visualizations according to individual client needs and requirements, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction with our services. With us, projects take on a new dimension, becoming more attractive, functional, and accessible to audiences.


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Nahajowski Design

Revolutionary Implementation of
Remote Visualization

We are a design studio specializing in remote interior and architectural design for years. Our innovative approach to the design process allows us to execute projects without the need for in-person meetings at our office. This solution brings numerous advantages; clients primarily save time and money typically spent on commuting to the design office. Furthermore, through our remote approach, clients can easily and quickly consult with us throughout the entire design process, gaining real-time insights into the project. We are proud to have successfully completed numerous projects in Poland and abroad, utilizing fully remote tools and technologies.

Accessibility and Convenience

Clients can access design services from anywhere, at any time, providing greater availability for designers and flexibility for clients to schedule meetings and consultations.

Time and Cost Savings

Clients eliminate the need to travel to the design office, saving time and travel-related expenses. All formalities can be handled online, expediting the entire design process.

Flexibility in Planning

Designers can undertake projects nationwide and internationally, adjusting their working hours to meet client needs, showcasing flexibility and adaptation to investor requirements.

Easy Access to the Project

Clients can effortlessly access projects and changes online, facilitating communication with designers and maintaining real-time control over project progress.

Precision and Accuracy

Remote work demands precision and accuracy from designers. Photos and 3D models aid client understanding and meticulous planning of every detail.


Remote project implementation is safer for both clients and designers, eliminating the need for in-person meetings at the design office or construction site.

Nahajowski Studio

360° Visualizations as
an Effective Marketing Tool

Creating photorealistic 360-degree visualizations, 3D walks, and virtual reality projects is not only a modern service but also opens new possibilities in design and space presentation. Clients can fully engage with the project, immersing themselves in virtual reality and experiencing the sensations of interacting with the space. This allows for better client understanding and evaluation of the project, facilitating decision-making processes. Photorealistic 360-degree visualizations allow for a comprehensive and precise presentation of the project, fully utilizing its potential. 3D walks enable easy navigation through the space, allowing a detailed examination of each element. Virtual reality projects provide an almost realistic sense of space, offering new possibilities in design and marketing. Our offering allows the use of the latest technologies in design and space presentation, fully realizing the project's potential and achieving success in business.

Architectural Visualizations

Encompass visualizations of buildings, interiors, landscapes, squares, and other elements related to architecture.

Interior Visualizations

Include visualizations of residential interiors, offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces.

Product Visualizations

Involve visualizations of products such as furniture, lighting, decorations, and more.

Urban Planning Visualizations

Encompass visualizations of urban plans, cities, residential areas, and other public spaces.


We select high-quality materials, including floor and wall textures, to achieve the most realistic effects. We work with existing market products available in our offerings.


We choose furniture and accessories according to the design, creating a coherent concept. High-quality models are inserted into the scene to best replicate a real interior.


We focus on realistic lighting to achieve authentic shadows and material tones. Attention is given to light sources for well-lit final interiors, providing investors with various atmosphere options.


We finalize our visualizations using graphic tools to enhance colors, saturation, contrast, and sharpness. Our aim is to achieve the most realistic effect that fully captures our project vision.

Nahajowski Studio

Comprehensive Modeling Services

Modeling objects, interiors, or landscapes is essential before creating photorealistic visualizations. This process allows for accurate representation of reality and provides the opportunity to achieve the highest level of image realism. Modeling facilitates precise determination of shape, size, materials, and other elements, significantly easing the visualization process. Modeling is also crucial for optimizing the visualization creation process; thorough model preparation helps avoid unnecessary later corrections. Modeling enables work at various levels of detail, from general shape to the smallest details. This allows for thorough refinement of visualizations in every aspect, achieving an effect that is as close to reality as possible.




Nahajowski Studio

Order Visualization Services
Tailored to Your Business

We are ready to tailor the scope of our collaboration to the needs and requirements of your commercial interior design project. Whether you require our assistance only in conceptual development or want us to handle a comprehensive project from concept to execution, we can adapt our services to your needs. With our experience in commercial interior design, we can offer you the best solutions that align with your business goals and functional requirements. Contact us to discuss the scope of collaboration that best meets your needs and budget.


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Pakiet wizualizacji
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  • Inspiracje
  • Inwentaryzacja
  • Model 3D
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Nahajowski Design

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We specialize in comprehensive projects for commercial and residential spaces, including houses, apartments, and flats. Over the past few years, we have completed dozens of projects of various characters in line with the individual requirements of our clients. Working within and beyond our country's borders, we have contributed to the creation of unique restaurants, clinics, medical offices, office spaces, hotels with wellness & spa areas, as well as the interiors of many apartments, flats, and houses.

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