House Cracow


Krakow, Poland

Usable Area:

130.00 m²




Residential Building Interior Project

The interior design project for a single-story single-family house located in Krakow was conceived with the aim of maximizing natural light and creating a cozy and elegant interior. To achieve this effect, natural, light materials such as wood, stone, and light fabrics were employed. To visually enlarge the space, a minimalist style was chosen, characterized by simplicity of form and a reduced number of decorative elements. Large windows, placed on the south facade of the building, provide plenty of natural light and allow for admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature. The day and night spaces are divided by multifunctional, perpendicular built-in furniture located in the central part of the house, creating an intuitive layout and functional division of the interiors. Light, delicate colors were used to finish the walls, further optically enlarging the space. In the bedroom, calm, subdued colors and soft fabrics were chosen, ensuring comfortable rest and sleep. The entire interior design project for the single-story single-family house located in Krakow constitutes a harmonious whole, captivating with its elegance and functionality.

Floor Plan

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