Penthouse Katowice


Katowice, Poland

Usable Area:

189.00 m²




Apartment Interior Design Project

The penthouse project in Katowice, located in the Ceglana Park estate, was designed with the highest standard of finishings, utilizing high-quality materials and timeless solutions. The individual functional-spatial layout of the apartment ensures comfortable and practical solutions that meet the investor’s requirements. A sports zone was designated in the living space, allowing for an active lifestyle. The rearrangement of the nighttime zone facilitated the creation of a comfortable sleeping area that guarantees privacy, along with a dedicated wardrobe space.

The project incorporates a combination of natural materials such as wood and stone with graphite elements and minimalist lighting. This interior style gives it a timeless, luxurious character. The private terrace area is another asset of the planned investment, where one can enjoy a beautiful view of the city while relaxing on a comfortable seating module. The entire project was comprehensively designed, taking into account every detail.

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