House Lubliniec


Lubliniec, Poland

Usable Area:

260.00 m²




Single-Family House Expansion Project

The single-family house with a minimalist design of white cuboids is not only an excellent example of modern architecture but also an ideal place for investors who appreciate peace and harmony with nature. The project aimed to create a functional and spacious interior where minimalism goes hand in hand with elegance. The white cuboids are skillfully connected, forming beautiful and harmonious spaces. Open spaces of the house are designed to provide maximum access to natural light and nature. Inside the house, one can feel as if in a garden, providing an incredibly relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. The interior of the house maintains a minimalist, clean form, with a predominance of light colors and simple shapes. White walls serve as a backdrop for warm wooden floors and furniture. Wood adds warmth and coziness while contrasting with the cool white surfaces. The interior of the house is functional and practical, allowing residents to freely use the space according to their needs. The house features an open kitchen and dining area, allowing for meal preparation and dining with friends. All rooms in the house are integrated, making the entire building a harmonious whole. From the outside, the house blends into its surroundings thanks to the simplicity of its form and natural facade finish.

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