Villa Milejowice


Milejowice, Poland

Usable Area:

650.00 m²




Single-Family Residential Building Design

The individual project of the villa was created in close collaboration with the investors, allowing for the fulfillment of their specific requirements. In particular, the strong interior lighting and the integration of the building’s interior with the surrounding greenery gave the resulting structure an intriguing character. The building, with a usable area of over 600 square meters, was designed with meticulous attention to functional and spatial solutions. The project was developed with the use of modern CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) technology, making the building not only modern but also durable and energy-efficient. The villa’s interiors are bright and spacious, with large windows that allow natural light to illuminate the rooms and provide views of the surrounding greenery. The materials used in the interior design are of high quality, and their combination creates a harmonious and elegant whole. The result is not only a beautiful and modern villa but also a functional and resident-friendly space.




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