House Wojkowice


Wojkowice, Poland

Usable Area:

530.00 m²


2019 – 2020


Residential Building Interior and Exterior Design Project

A car collection in the living area. A bold, powerful project created in close collaboration with an exceptional investor, an automotive enthusiast. The concept involves the reconstruction of an almost 100-year-old building with a usable area of over 500 m² that has served various functions over the years – residential, then restaurant, and at one point even as the headquarters of a motorcycle club. After a detailed analysis, the chosen location turned out to be ideal for realizing this unique investment. The main principles of the concept were to create a living space and a place for exhibiting a car collection that would be closely integrated with the daily living area of the house.

The developed functional-spatial layout fulfills the specified requirements, combining the residential part with the exhibition space into a shared ‘open space,’ giving the investment a unique character. The use of authentic, raw materials and the maximum preservation of existing elements give a strongly industrial character to the entire concept, creating a unique atmosphere.

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