Terrace House


Rzeszów, Poland

Usable Area:

260.00 m²




Single-Family House Terrace Zone Project

The terrace zone project for a single-family house in Rzeszów is an ideal place for relaxation and outdoor leisure. We opted for a significant amount of greenery, including decorative plants, shrubs, and trees, creating a pleasant and human-friendly space. As a result, the terrace is surrounded by nature and full of life. A crucial element of the project is movable seating areas, allowing for easy rearrangement and arrangement of the terrace zone. Outdoor furniture such as chairs, benches, hammocks, and loungers enable freely choosing favorite seating and resting spots. The project also includes water elements, not only serving as beautiful decorations but also providing a source of relaxation and tranquility. Thus, the terrace zone becomes an ideal place for rest, meditation, and relaxation in the midst of nature. The designed terrace zone is a space where one can spend time with family and friends, organize meetings and outdoor events, and enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving home.

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