Villa Żywiec


Żywiec, Poland

Usable Area:

376.00 m²




Single-Family Residential Building Interior and Exterior Design

The project involves the expansion of the building, interiors, and landscaping of a villa located near Żywiec. The existing property is situated in a picturesque mountain landscape, on the slope of a mountain. The project envisions expanding the building with an intimate, multifunctional terrace space, considering a complete transformation of the building’s character, creating modern architecture combined with a traditional mountain climate. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and sheet metal ensure a timeless appearance and provide durability. The functional layout ensures comfortable use, with a clear division between the day and night areas. The luxurious character of the concept is defined by the designed pool area and gym, creating a space for relaxation. Greenery filling the interiors, along with neon accents, breaks the mountain character, giving the entire complex a modern, unique atmosphere.






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