Cube House


Świerklaniec, Poland

Usable Area:

276.00 m²




Residential Building Interior and Exterior Design Project

The modernization and expansion project of a typical PRL-style single-family home in Świerklaniec aim to transform the structure into modern, functional architecture. The main goal is to create a comfortable living area and a cozy terrace area, serving as a natural extension of the home’s interior, allowing for comfortable use of space during the fall and winter seasons. The project includes expanding the existing building with additional usable space to increase functionality and living space. The minimalist building form will be enriched with modern architectural elements, introducing a fresh and original character. The project concept also involves using natural greenery, which, combined with modern architectural solutions, creates a strong contrast and gives the investment a unique character. All elements of the project, from space arrangement to material selection, have been tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the client.


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