House Dabrowa


Dąbrowa, Poland

Usable Area:

360.00 m²




Reconstruction Project, Interior, and Exterior Design for Residential Building

One of our exceptional projects, collaboratively developed with investors since 2021, involves the modernization and expansion of a single-family home designed in a cubic style. The concept entails expanding the entrance area and creating a cozy terrace space that becomes an extension of the home’s interior. The minimalist structure of the building, combined with natural greenery, creates a strong contrast, giving the investment an original character. Our comprehensive development covered both the architecture and interiors of the building.

The ground floor of the house is fully open, creating an ideal space for spending time with family and friends, hosting parties, or social gatherings. The thoughtful arrangement makes the rooms appear even larger and more spacious. The first floor houses the sleeping area, consisting of bedrooms and children’s rooms. This part of the house is designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. The design is well-thought-out, and the materials and colors used create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, contributing to a good night’s sleep.

The interiors of the house, with a subdued color palette, are very elegant and cozy. The wooden herringbone-patterned floor is one of the most characteristic elements, giving the space an elegant, timeless character. Stone structures fill the interior, which, combined with graphite matte finishes, create a harmonious whole

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