Villa Lubliniec


Lubliniec, Poland

Usable Area:

344.00 m²




Single-Family Home Interior and Elevation Design

The architectural project of a single-family home in Lubliniec is a concept that blends classic and modern elements. The main idea of the project was to combine the traditional building mass with a modern feature in the form of a rectangular garage and recreational-sport space. This solution allowed for the maximum utilization of space, creating a functional and modern home. The result is a harmonious whole that captivates with its simplicity and elegance.

The house was designed with the comfort and convenience of the investor in mind. Besides the interesting concept of the building mass, an essential element of the project is the consistency in the limited range of finishing materials. The use of authentic materials such as metal sheeting and plaster, and their sculptural application, gives the building a unique character. This single-family home, designed in such a way, is a living space for investors who appreciate a minimalist style and comfort.

The straightforward form of the building mass, combined with modern elements and natural materials, constitutes an ideal combination that captivates and distinguishes itself from other structures.




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