House in Wymyślacz

House Woods


Wymyślacz, Poland

Usable Area:

276.00 m²




Residential Building Reconstruction and Facade Design Project

The expansion project of a single-family home in Wymyślacz envisions a complete transformation of its previous appearance. Instead of traditional architecture, a modern, minimalist form was employed, harmoniously blending into the surroundings while remaining unique and distinctive. The main objective of the project was to create a home that is simultaneously functional, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly. For this reason, natural materials such as standing seam metal and wood were chosen, sourced from certified origins and treated appropriately.

Standing seam metal was utilized for the facade and roof, giving the building a modern and minimalist look. Additionally, this material is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain, contributing to the reduction of the building’s environmental impact. Wood, on the other hand, was used for decorative elements such as wall cladding, the terrace, and pergolas. All wooden elements underwent proper impregnation, making them weather-resistant while preserving their natural color and texture.

The project also focused on landscaping around the house, creating a new, large space dominated by greenery. The plan included the development of a cozy terrace, an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation. Modern technological solutions were integrated into the expansion of the single-family home in Lubliniec, such as photovoltaic installation and rainwater drainage systems. As a result, the building is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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