Tenement House


Lubliniec, Poland




Grzegorz Płaczek


Visualization of Mixed-Use Residential and Commercial Building Facade

Visualizations of a tenement house located in the center of Lubliniec. The visuals were created based on the reconstruction project developed by architect Grzegorz Płaczek. The building’s facade is particularly enchanting in its appearance. The use of natural, authentic, and timeless materials with contrasting colors creates an interesting visual effect that distinguishes it from other buildings in the area. The facade was designed using clinker brick in combination with plaster. The windows on the ground floor of the building were enlarged, creating attractive commercial spaces. Thanks to the glazed corner of the building, made of glass, the investment has acquired a minimalist character. This modern architectural element introduces a breath of freshness to the tenement house, undoubtedly attracting the attention of residents. It gives the building an elegant character, perfectly fitting into the existing urban fabric.

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