Villa Lubliniec


Lubliniec, Poland

Usable Area:

689.00 m²




Single-Family Home Interior and Exterior Design

The design of a single-family home with a usable area exceeding 600 square meters is the result of a long-term collaboration with exceptional investors who not only wanted to create a functional but above all, a beautiful and luxurious living space. The functional and spatial layout of the building was tailored to the needs and preferences of future residents to create a comfortable and cozy space. The ground floor of the house was designed as a spacious, open living area that integrates the entrance, lounge, dining, and kitchen areas. Numerous internal and external glazings provide excellent lighting, which has been combined in an interesting and harmonious way. The upper floor of the house features a sleeping area with a separate bathroom and wardrobe, as well as children’s rooms. All rooms were designed with comfort and functionality in mind while maintaining elegance and good taste. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and leather, along with high-quality fabrics, add warmth and individual style to the interiors. The color scheme is subdued and calm, and furniture and accessories have been carefully selected to create a harmonious whole.




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