Studio Lubliniec


Lubliniec, Poland

Usable Area:

150.00 m²




Single-Family House Interior Project

The design of the bedroom area in a single-family house in Lubliniec combines modern style with classical elements. The interior is characterized by elegant finishing designed for comfort and convenience. The bedroom features a spacious sleeping area designed to provide the best quality sleep. At the center is a comfortable bed with a high-quality mattress and duvet, ensuring a restful break after a long day. Beneath the window is a comfortable workspace or study area, designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind. The interior is crafted from the highest quality materials. Natural-colored wooden elements add warmth and coziness, while golden accents introduce elegance and style. Beautiful moldings on the walls give the room character and elegance. The bedroom’s standout feature is the private wardrobe, hidden from view. Concealed behind the furnishings, it allows for the storage of clothing and accessories in a convenient and functional manner. Everything is designed to simplify daily life and provide maximum comfort. The bedroom interior in the single-family house in Lubliniec combines style, functionality, and comfort. This design offers everything needed for daily life while maintaining a unique character and elegant style.

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